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Pierre Colin is not defined as a pure naturalistic photographer, his approach is to halfway between the report on the nature and aesthetics. If shooting requires important technical knowledge on the specific environment in which it takes place, beyond the work of Pierre Colin. The constant interest for the staging required exceed the simple opportunistic cliché : Special care is given to the choice of foreground, background, from the perspective, the balance of contrasts, the incongruity of the colors. For the photographer to show it's banal and elementary, the naturalist, He must do this in nature unfavourable to the studio process. The result is a production in which it's nature imitating art.

Born in 1969, Nancy, Pierre Colin stands at an early stage by his taste for skipping school. Already there is the desire to see without being seen, play hide and seek in the forest. A notable result of the Pierre Colin college tuition is to be able to reach (exclusively through the Woods) Arches in Epinal. This interest in the fugue comes probably from childhood trips : He joined 5 years to the Longside Primary School in Aberdeen (Scotland) and it is ensuivera a series of residences abroad : in Great Britain, in Holland, in the United Arab Emirates, to the Canada, in Sweden and the Denmark, to 15 years he has already traveled to many countries, his father Christian Colin, surveyor training, becomes responsible for major projects in the pipeline sector. With his mother, Marie-France, Stone stays the world according to mutations.

Pierre Colin is also the product of a cross between an Olympus OM2 and a Nikon F4. With these devices, he was introduced to the film. He perfected at the school of the Image and the Applied Arts in Epinal printing. He worked successively for the written press, audiovisual, on sites in Scotland and Malaysia pipeline laying. He stayed long in the Americas between the Peru, Florida, Quebec and the Dominican Republic. He will draw his first book this last destination. A second volume will follow after his return in the Vosges. Pierre Colin orients itself so much more naturalistic photography.

Photography in a natural environment involves techniques, knowledge, indentical to those of hunting skills : discrete recognition, observation remote, tracking, reading prints, exploration of feces, identification of sounds, songs and cries. You must also be a botanist, worry about the climate, topography. From these preparatory work follows a strategy that revolves around three options : the lookout fixed, Watch the billebaude légeret. Pierre Colin likes the solitude, the expectation and excitement related looking for the exact moment that will produce the ideal photo.

It is a patient staged for which it is hoped that such climatic phenomenon, such floristic cortege, such animal, arise simultaneously at the right place of the chosen setting. There are attending the dusk and dawn, the winter nights, i.e., like any artist, accept to confront the material.

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Novelty 2017 – Vosegus – Vosges savages

ISBN 979-10-699-0569-6 29×29 – 192 pages – connected / Hardcover 2 kg Self-publishing

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With this book on the Vosges, Pierre Colin makes you discover a different photographic approach, a color palette gradients while, a new artistic look and the heart d & rsquo; a fragile sanctuary often threatened. A massif of the Vosges, who moved to the rhythm of the seasons, sometimes packaged in heavy clouds or wrapped as silent as sudden resourceful scarves: dark atmospheres of end of day to the magical colors of autumn, of the hostile harshness of winter in surprising and enigmatic landscapes,the photographer takes you inside are wild fauna and flora haunting atmospheres… This suspended trip will transport you out of time.

Vosges – An old massive atmospheres

Editions of the world Pages

ISBN 978-29-158-6766-4 21×29 – 144 pages – PIN / Softcover – 0.850 kg date de parution Novembre 2013

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Its rounded ridges and culminate in 1424 mètres d’altitude lui valent parfois le surnom de« montagnes à vaches », However, tormented by its geological past, the massive Vosgien holds its peculiarity, Alpine neighbours facing. If its West side, bowing to the Lorraine, gives it a quiet appearance, its eastern flank, by its ravines and its steeper slopes, protects in good keeper, the Alsatian plain. With a line of ridges appearing in one axis North South, its geographical location is very varied climate conditions. Receiving head-on West currents came straight from the ocean, There is a need in natural barrier…

Dominican Republic – Colours of a country

Editions of the world Pages

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ISBN 978-29-158-6765-7 22×25 – 120 pages – PIN / Softcover – 0.600 kg date de parution Février 2013

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